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Ribbon Mixer Engine Capacity 100-200 Kg
Ribbon Mixer Engine Capacity 100-200 Kg
Ribbon Mixer Engine Capacity 100-200 Kg
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Specification of

Ribbon Mixer engine capacity 100-200 Kg

Ribbon Mixer Machine (Horizontal Mixer)
This ribon mixer machine serves to stir dry dough of your product. This machine is commonly used to mix powdered products, cereal factory, dry seasoning, fertilizer industry, etc.

The purpose of mixing using a dough mixer is to obtain an elastic dough and produce the desired gluten development. This mixer comprises a place to hold materials and stainless steel axles. Straight-branched stainless steel acting serves to mix the rotating raw material due to the drive pulley. The stirrers will break and stir the material by increasing the randomness and distribution of the material, resulting in mixing. The mixture will form a compact and uniform dough.

Engine specifications:

Capacity: 100-200 Kg / process
Total Dimension: 150 x 65 x 143 cm
Mover: Electric Motor 3HP 1phase
Transmission: Gearbox Type 70 Ratio 1:30
Material tube: 3mm SS plate
Frame: SS Box Pipe




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