Gas Oven-Baking Machine Machines Bakery Bread
Gas Oven-Baking Machine Machines Bakery Bread
Gas Oven-Baking Machine Machines Bakery Bread
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02 Oct 2016
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Specification of Gas Oven-Baking Machine Machines Bakery Bread

Machine Type Bread Oven Gas Baking Oven, Bread Makers, Mein Bread Machine, Bread Bakery Machine, Which Serves For Cooking Bread And Bread With Great Developers. With Gas Oven Baking System, Oven Baking This Machine Will Make The Bread Expands Evenly Cooked Evenly And Naturally Anyway. System Blower To This Bakery In The Machine So That The Circulation Of The Hot Temperature Inside The Machine Is Stable. Temperature Control Can Be Done In This Oven For Baking Machine Settings So That The Bread Is Not To Overcook. There Are BebeRapa Type For This Bread Machine Baking Oven With Different number of shelves and some of the features Of the machine to facilitate Users in the production of bread, Good Results and lure customers.


Gas Baking Oven

We sell bread oven/gas machine baking oven.
This machine serves as an industrial oven for bread/cake/bakery.

Advantages and facilities for this oven machine

  • the burner consists of top and bottom
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  • Stainless steel body
  • Temperature 30-400 degrees Celsius
  • There is a thermostat temperature control and timer
  • Digital temperature display
  • There is the wheel unless the RFL-11 and 12

    Bread Oven Gas engine specifications is:

    • Model: ARF-20 h
    • Dimensions:
    1390x930x660 mm
  • Power: 100 watt electric and LPG
  • Production output: 20-40 kg/h
  • Weight: 145 kg
  • There is a timer and thermostat
  • Price: Contact Us

    Bread Oven Gas engine specifications is:

    • Model: ARF-40 h
    • Dimensions: 1390x930x1440
  • Power: 200 watts of electricity and LPG
  • Production output: 40-60 kg/h
  • Weight: 270 kg
  • There is a timer and thermostat
  • Price: Contact Us

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